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Booking is now well underway for the 2018 tour. It will be slightly shorter this year but we expect to cover much of the same ground. The tour will begin in Glastonbury where the group will spend a few days in August before travelling to Scotland then returning south to Cumbria, Northumberland, Newcastle and Tees-side. Then it's on to North Lancs, Cheshire, the Midlands and Northants before spending a few days on the south coast and Somerset (again). The tour will finish in the south east and Home Counties around mid-October.


We would welcome any enquires from schools, churches and theatres. THe provisional list of dates should appear on this page in late June/early July


Thank you again and please also stay in touch with the work of Osiligi Charity Projects.

Jim Wilkie

May 2018



For any booking queries, please telephone Jim Wilkie on 0775 360 6886;


or email :








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